Debunk Myths Surrounding Diabetes! Let The Old Wives’ Tales Go

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Diabetes can be quite tricky to understand as a disease. It creeps in gradually, without any symptoms, but can prove to be the most dangerous. However, there are random and baseless conceptions surrounding the talk of diabetes. It’s essential to debunk them. 

Hence, we’ve created this guide after speaking to some of the best diabetes doctor in Bhubaneswar. Let’s shed some light on the myths, misunderstandings, and misrepresentations of diabetes. Read on to be able to distinguish the facts from fiction. 

Myth 1

Children are often advised to limit their sugar intake so that they don’t get diabetes when they’re grown up. It’s a commonly believed myth that elevated sugar consumption causes Type 1 diabetes. But that’s not the case. Diabetes is induced when sugar attacks the child’s pancreas and obstructs the production of insulin. It’s not affected by the amount of sugar a child consumes. 

Additionally, Type 2 diabetes is neither caused by consuming too much sugar. On the contrary, it leads to obesity, which increases the risk of diabetes. 

Myth 2

The vague symptoms of diabetes make it seem like a mild disease. Typically, Type 2 diabetes exhibits quite mild signs. But that in no way signified that it’s easy on the body. If you do not consult the best diabetes doctor in Bhubaneswar, Type 2 diabetes can even prove to be fatal. 

Multiple organs frequently become inefficient, damaged, or dysfunctional as a result of long-term diabetes. Heart disease (myocardial infarction), brain strokes, amputations, inadequate kidney function (renal insufficiency), and blindness are all primarily brought on by it. When discovered in middle age, it reduces the average lifespan by 5 to 10 years when compared to the general population.

Myth 3

Stinky feet are perceived to be one of the most evident symptoms of diabetes. On the contrary, there’s no connection between a pair of smelly feet and diabetes. If you ever notice signs of stinky feet, you need to go wash it properly. And that’s all. But as diabetics become older, uncontrolled diabetes can lead to foot issues, including diabetic neuropathy, where they lose feeling in their feet.

So be sure to speak with a diabetes specialist if you genuinely want information about diabetes. They definitely do have the most expertise.

Myth 4

People commonly have it that there are treatments for diabetes. Neither doctors nor governments are disclosing them. Yeah, despite what you may read or see online, there isn’t a real, effective treatment for diabetes. However, for the time being, the only method to treat diabetes is to take insulin and other prescribed drugs as directed, eat a balanced diet, engage in lots of physical activity, and periodically check blood sugar levels.

To keep your diabetes level under check, it’s extremely important to work out an action plan with the best diabetes doctor in Bhubaneswar

Myth 5

The next myth in line says that all people with diabetes need insulin injected into their bodies for effective treatment. In reality, it’s not necessary. For people with type 2 diabetes, there are numerous oral drugs that can control blood sugar levels. In some instances, a good diet and active lifestyle can actually aid with blood sugar regulation. 

Lean or vegetable protein, healthy fats, whole grains, non-starchy veggies, and fruits make up the healthiest diet for controlling blood sugar. And everybody who wishes to live a healthy lifestyle is advised to do this. However, the majority of type 1 diabetics are insulin-dependent and will need daily injections of the drug.

Myth 6

Diabetes is often perceived as a disease that only develops in old-age people falling into the category of 45+ years. But it’s seen happening more frequently to younger age groups, such as kids, teens, and young adults. Over 46% of type 2 diabetics in India are under the age of 40, according to recent data. Additionally, diabetes strikes Indians earlier than it does the Western population—at least a decade or two earlier.


We hope we’ve successfully debunked the popularly believed myths revolving around diabetes. Now that you know about it, we hope it becomes easy for you to navigate diabetes and its treatment. Make sure you consult the best diabetes doctor in Bhubaneswar to keep your diabetes under control and lead a happy life. Never fall for the internet trap or rumorsyou hear from ordinary people. Seek professional help!

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